Flash Charge

EV Charging

Flash changing The Future

FlashCharge leads the charge in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, boasting a nationwide network of accessible charging stations. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures fast, reliable, and user-friendly experiences. Committed to environmental impact, we contribute to a greener planet by reducing carbon emissions. Engaging with communities, forging strategic partnerships, and prioritizing customer satisfaction, FlashCharge is at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution. Join us as we shape a sustainable future, one electrifying moment at a time.

we've established an expansive network of charging stations throughout India.

FlashCharge: Unveiling Our Offering

Welcome to FlashCharge, a progressive network of high-speed charging solutions that is expanding at a rate of 2 charging stations every 30 days. Discover our conveniently located stations within a 30-minute drive from your current location. The FlashCharge team is committed to providing swift access, high-speed recharging, and concurrent development with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our streamlined processes empower customers to quickly recharge their vehicles, make hassle-free payments, and hit the highways with speed and efficiency.

Our Operational Approach

At FlashCharge, we unite individuals to actively participate in the green revolution. Our primary focus lies in installing charging stations powered by renewable energy sources, ensuring an ample and sustainable energy output for efficient fleet recharging. Through rapid land acquisition and strategic franchise deployment, we are spearheading a revolutionary project on India’s roadways, steering the nation towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

AC Charger Station

3S Green Energy Solutions offers a wide range of AC chargers up to 42
kW in AC Type-2, 10 kW in BHARAT AC 001, We also offers combined 2-in-1 and
3-in-1 chargers which includes a combination of CCS-2,
CHAdeMO and AC Type-2.

DC Charger Station

3S Green Energy Solutions offers a wide range of DC chargers from 30kW to 60kW

smart charging algorithms

Our intelligent charging algorithms optimize energy usage, ensuring a cost-effective and environmentally friendly charging experience.

FlashCharge: Shaping Tomorrow

In the realm of electric mobility, FlashCharge is not just a service; it's a commitment to transforming the future. With a visionary approach, we are actively rewriting the narrative of transportation. Our cutting-edge technology and expansive network of charging stations herald a new era of convenience, sustainability, and efficiency. As we propel into the future, FlashCharge stands at the forefront, envisioning a world where clean energy powers our journeys. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine transportation and light the way for a brighter, sustainable tomorrow. FlashCharge: Changing the Future, one charge at a time.